Almonds are nutritional powerhouses and contain calcium, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and many vitamins and minerals. The real source of vitamins and nutrients. It is very nutritious and healthy product . Therefore almonds in our lives not only treat, but also medicine.

ranian almonds are oval and flattened in shape and a little over a 2.5 CM long. They are rough, light brown, and have scattered small holes on the shell. A distinct spine separates the two halves of the almond shell.

Mamra is a unique product that specified by its crunchy texture, high oil and sweetness.


Mamra is a high nutrition almond and is an essential nut for children and is favourate for all generations. Only 1 location in all the World is producer of mamra almond, that is Isfahan Province,Iran. This almond usually export to India and USA markets. In Indian and usa market price of Mamra almond is 4-5 times more than others almond because of high nutrition of this product. Mamra almond is a unique product specified by its crunchy texture, attractive appearance and very sweet taste. Bitter almonds are actually the kernels which are commonly used in medicine while the sweet almonds are creamy white, smooth nuts with a brown skin and encased in a shell.

The Bitter almond is rather broader and shorter than the sweet almond, and contains about 50% of the fixed oil which also occurs in sweet almonds.

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